Bridge Ministry of Acadiana

Our Vision

Relationally Empowering lives through Spiritual Transformation, Education and Neighborhood Revitalization.

Our Mission

Bridge Ministry is an inter-denominational Christian holistic ministry called to:

  • Provide relationship based programs which empower the under-resourced.
  • Mobilize Acadiana Christians to social responsibility

After School Programs

BMA offers a great after school enrichment program designed to provide a safe, healthy, stimulating, and Christ-centered environment, while allowing our kids to participate in various academic & extracurricular activities. We also offer adult and family services that help foster the ability to develop and maintain positive relationships, personal development, and responsible social functioning.


Offered during the school year, Monday through Friday, programs are designed to be grade specific (1st through 12th grade) and align with common core tasks.


With more programs being added each year, BMA now offers a variety of enrichment activities to meet the interest of today’s 21st-century youth.

Bible Studies
Bridge Youth Productions
Summer Activities
Community Service Projects
Field Trips
Gender-specific Groups (see below)
Safe Sitters

Bridge Bravehearts

These groups are gender and elementary age focused and allow both boys and girls to speak freely and build relationships with their peers. The focus of Bridge Bravehearts is to dig into what the Bible says about identity, friendships, and family with activities to enhance their lesson.

Men of God and Women of Grace

Created for Middle and High school aged youth who desire to dig a little deeper into Christ’s plan for their lives, how today’s choices play a role in the outcome of their success, and ultimately how to tell others about Christ. Most lessons include activities for practical application.

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