Louisiana Family Forum

Louisiana Family Forum is an organization committed to defending faith, freedom and the traditional family in the great state of Louisiana!

We are glad you have found your way to our website, and we invite you to take some time to learn about our work. If we can be of service to your family, church, or community, we encourage you to contact us. We look forward to laboring alongside you to keep Louisiana a great place to live and raise a family!

Our Mission…

To persuasively present biblical principles in the centers of influence on issues affecting the family through research, communication, and networking.

Our Core Values… (

  • God’s equal interest in all areas of human experience – We believe there is no part of the human experience that does not hold God’s intense interest. As Creator of humanity, He is fully and equally interested in the totality of that experience.
  • The virtues and benefits of life-long faithful marriage – We believe that life-long, faithful marriage is the first Human institution ordained by God and therefore, the basic, irreducible building block of society. We believe the value of marriage in a community will determine that community’s health, happiness, productivity, and safety.
  • The sacredness of human sexuality – We believe that human sexuality is a very wonderful and powerful treasure shared between a man and woman. It finds its proper place within the protective confines of life-long marriage.
  • The indispensable roles of responsible fatherhood and motherhood – We believe that children need a mother and father who are married to one another, each taking an active role in loving and raising their children. We believe that a mother and a father should be the primary caregivers, moral teachers, and mediators of their children’s world.
  • The sanctity and dignity of every human life – We believe that all of life, from fertilization to natural death, is sacred. Given this sacredness, every person should be treated with dignity.
Louisiana Family Forum
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